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  • Posted on 20 May 19 at 14:30
    Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

    If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
  • Posted on 20 May 19 at 14:32
    Nexeus_ has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
    Totally a Roguelite, though doesnt seem so at first. Main idea is dying and refreshing the world. Unlocks and all that.
  • AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin1,286,327
    Posted on 24 June 19 at 16:57
    Hey there Nexeus_, thanks for your disagreement on this game's genres.

    After a review with the team, we have decided that there aren't enough RL elements to warrant the genre on this occasion and as the dying is tied into the story/branching paths, rather than it being a real setback, it isn't enough for us to assign it.
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