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Days Gone Trophy List Revealed

  • TrueTrophyTrueTrophy11,244
  • ScottishNubScottishNub1,226,782
    Posted on 25 April 19 at 03:26
    Glad it's finally coming out
  • StephcgeeStephcgee20,703
    Posted on 25 April 19 at 05:43
    Same! I will pick this up at some point this year I’m sure.
  • Posted on 25 April 19 at 12:10
    Looks pretty easy, no major spoilers in the trophies or descriptions. Your usual story, side missions, and misc gameplay trophies. There is a trophy for 75% collectibles but no sign of a 100% trophy, so that's nice. The other concern appears to be 45 skills, no idea if that's all or not. But one tracked gamer has the platinum already so it can't be that hard.

    However there is already announced a 'survival' difficulty patch, so there's still a risk of annoying trophies being added in post-launch DLC like with TLoU. By the way, reviews are out now.
    =Semper Fi=
  • EmiinahEmiinah193,880
    Posted on 27 April 19 at 00:29
    Bought the game day one for my partner, he’s enjoying it so far and says it reminds him of Dying Light. Having played Dying Light myself I actually really enjoyed it so I’m sure Days Gone is great too.
    Well, you see, she’s not exactly my daughter, per se...but she does like to call me her “daddy,” so...
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