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Pre-E3 Final Fantasy VII Concert Fuels Remake Speculation

Posted on 18 April 19 at 16:20
Sony aren't there, but Square Enix probably will be

Please click here to read the story: Pre-E3 Final Fantasy VII Concert Fuels Remake Speculation
Posted on 19 April 19 at 12:55
Because no company is as great at taking full advantage of opportunities as Square-Enix, am I right?
Posted on 20 April 19 at 14:54
I love caravan stories its fun like final fantasy :)
Panache! - Reincarnation!
Posted on 21 April 19 at 08:46
If it ever gets released it won't be worth playing. If ffxv is anythibg to go by, square are content with killing the franchise.

Just play the original instead
Posted on 22 April 19 at 16:32
At this point, I just feel as though the ball has been dropped. Games with similar development issues have not materialized into typically effective products, or fail to meet the hype of something 10 years in the making.

Hope I'm wrong, of course, but the initial excitement has worn off for me and it's much more difficult to get excited for VII remake news.

Now, if they announced a re-release of the FF IV and VI remakes on PSN...
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