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Poll: What Difficulty Mode Do You Like To Play On?

Posted on 15 April 19 at 12:23
Should have been a "whatever the trophies require" option. If difficulty just means "enemies become more bullet spongey," then I prefer normal. However, if difficulty means, "enemy behavior changes and new enemy types appear," then I might go for a more difficult option.
Posted on 15 April 19 at 13:30
I go for the hardest difficulty depending on game and trophies, but I would prefer that there was no difficulty choice.
Posted on 15 April 19 at 14:32
I always go for Normal difficulty. My main focus is always the story and a harder difficulty often requires more grinding etc. which can be very time consuming. If takes too long I might lose my interest in the game or postpone it a while (and maybe even forgetting about it).
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Posted on 15 April 19 at 20:56
I echo a few sentiments in this thread in regards to playing the easiest allowable difficulty setting that allows for all trophies to be unlocked. I'm not in my "competitive prime" anymore in my skills as a gamer, so I really have nothing to prove in playing unnecessary difficulty.

Having said that, one thing that frustrates me, that admittedly doesn't happen very often anymore, are the games that have trophies that tie to multiple difficulties but do NOT stack. I'm looking at YOU, Strider. "Having" to play through a second (or in the case of Red Faction's FOUR) lesser difficulty without any other descriptors (normal in under X hours, easy without performing Y action) for the trophy is fairly frustrating. But again, it really only seems to happen on old ports.
Posted on 16 April 19 at 00:16
Unless the game is a trashy one, I'll almost always play on the hardest setting. It's not elitism or anything, just that growing up we could only afford one or two games per year, so a good way to make them last was to stick them on the highest setting and master them bit-by-bit. I guess old habits die hard but I couldn't imagine not doing that nowadays even though I can get more than one or two games a year now. However, if you asked me to play something like Ride to Hell: Retribution, I'd stick that on the lowest setting because I want it to be over, but at the same time I want as many completion trophies as I can.
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Posted on 17 April 19 at 10:23
MonkeyBrad91 said:
I always play games on the easiest mode unless a trophy requires it, in which case I'll just jump straight to the hardest difficulty for less playthroughs. I like to enjoy my games in my own (often slow) way; exploring and enjoying the level and world design at my own pace. I don't do well with frustrating difficulty laugh
Thats exactly what I do, too! ^^
Posted on 17 April 19 at 11:01
Hardest mode.
Normally more fun and the trophies stack as a bonus.
Then easiest mode to clean up.
Posted on 19 April 19 at 10:04
i normally play on normal and if i really like the game i'll play through again on hard
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Posted on 20 April 19 at 09:38, Edited on 20 April 19 at 09:39 by SilentJay76_
I missed the poll. But I definitely prefer easy or normal, depending on the game. I want to enjoy myself (especially after a long day at work) and not throw the controller at the TV.
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