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Poll: What Difficulty Mode Do You Like To Play On?

Posted on 12 April 19 at 15:16
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Please click here to read the story: Poll: What Difficulty Mode Do You Like To Play On?
Poll: What Difficulty Mode Do You Like To Play On?
  • 12.7% - The easiest mode – I'm not looking for a challenge
  • 38.9% - "Normal" – Whatever the developers think is optimal
  • 10.8% - The harder modes – I'm looking for a challenge
  • 17.9% - The harder modes – I want to stack the trophies
  • 10.2% - I start low and work my way up
  • 7.1% - I prefer games without difficulty modes
  • 2.5% - Other (let us know what you think in the comments!)

  • We had 324 responses to the poll.
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    Posted on 12 April 19 at 16:30
    I always play games on the easiest mode unless a trophy requires it, in which case I'll just jump straight to the hardest difficulty for less playthroughs. I like to enjoy my games in my own (often slow) way; exploring and enjoying the level and world design at my own pace. I don't do well with frustrating difficulty laugh
    Posted on 12 April 19 at 17:05
    I play on normal so I can have an easy-flow of the game, but at least have to put up a bit of a fight. Though that changes depending on games/series. Did KH1 on normal, doing KH2 on easy. If I like the game enough and have time to run through, I'll do a hard run. Like YS VIII for example. Easy mode first runthrough, nightmare mode on NG+.
    Posted on 12 April 19 at 17:25, Edited on 12 April 19 at 17:26 by Gaelic-_-Flame
    It really depends on the game and how comfortable I feel with the genre. (for example I won't play hard mode in racing, fighting or some RTS type games) But in general if there are 4-5 difficulty choices, I usually go one up from whatever developers intended to be Normal. If there are just 3 I usually try Hard right away.

    It also depends on the type of the game too. If it's something with purely "for fun" gameplay design, I might go just Normal, so you actually can mess around with enemies or experiment with your various toys in the game, etc. I usually go the Hardest mode in stealth games (even strategic ones, like Shadow Tactics), because in stealth games I enjoy the actual challenge and sort of "puzzle solving" feel of each area, that usually only the hardest difficulties provide you with.

    So yeah, generally I prefer a game to be reasonably challenging, otherwise I might get bored of it. And since generally games tend to be easier than they used to be in the past, usually it's pretty safe to pick one up from Normal and still enjoy both gameplay and challenge.

    I also like when games allow you to change difficulties on the fly, especially in JRPGs, where some boss fights can be ridiculous on Hard modes, while regular enemies are way too easy on Normal (looking at you Tales games...)
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    Posted on 12 April 19 at 21:23
    In my younger days when I was good at games and had plenty of time I would generally play all games on the hardest setting. If you had to beat the game once to unlock the hardest I would blast on easiest to unlock then do the hardest.

    Difficulty sometimes adds challenge in a game, but sometimes it adds more grind or tedium more than challenge like in Turn-Based JRPGS, so as well as not going max difficulty for challenge, I also don't go max difficulty to save time out of the precious little I have to play games now smile

    Now that I am old and bad at games redface, I tend to play on normal now (after all, that is the balanced mode devs are tweaking for the most optimal experience). I also don't tend to play a game more than once, do grinds or go for trophies/achievements which is also to save time wink

    I find that alot of the best challenges in games come from a difficult game, self restriction or trophy requirement, so if I really enjoy a game I tend to get my challenge there.

    The days of "Go Hard or go home" are long gone, same with competing or staying current in MMO's laugh
    Posted on 12 April 19 at 22:00
    When I was younger I played on Hard and up, nowadays I tend to have less time and less patience so i genially play on lower difficulties. Some games Vary such as racing games I play on a bit higher difficulty.

    Just looking nowadays to enjoy the story of the game.
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    Posted on 13 April 19 at 01:13
    I usually play on the easiest mode, or normal if I'm feeling particularly daring. Most of the time I'm playing the game for the story, especially the first time around. If it's not required, then I won't bother with other difficulties.
    Posted on 13 April 19 at 03:10
    This poll is missing the option "The easiest difficulty possible to get the platinum". :P
    So i voted "stack trophies" instead, because that's at least close.
    Posted on 13 April 19 at 06:32
    I prefer games without difficulty modes.
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    Posted on 13 April 19 at 14:08
    I put prefer w/out difficulty, but if there are difficulty modes, then it's normal or the equivalent even if there's trophies for higher difficulties. I've no time for getting over frustrated doing what at the end of the day is my hobby. There's only a handful of times where I've bucked my trend and done higher difficulty runs; Uncharted and Battlefield are 2 that spring to mind. Apart from that, not interested.
    Posted on 13 April 19 at 15:13, Edited on 13 April 19 at 15:14 by Emiinah
    I don’t enjoy difficulty modes of any kind in games but if I have to choose it’ll usually be easy. I’m not exactly happy to play harder difficulties for trophies but I try it anyway for the sake of 100%.
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    Posted on 13 April 19 at 18:18
    I’m not a trophy hunter, so whatever the developers feel as ‘normal’ is good enough for me.
    Posted on 13 April 19 at 19:32
    The easiest mode the trophies say I need to play on.
    Posted on 13 April 19 at 22:52
    If theres no trophy for Hard etc, I play on Normal if I bought it or Easy if I borrowed/rented it. If there is a trophy for Hard and I think I can get it, Ill start on Hard or do NG+, if thats an option...
    Posted on 14 April 19 at 02:18
    I start on Normal and then if I like the game enough, and trophies are involved, I move up. I did Last of Us on Normal/Normal+ then Survivor/Survivor+...still hesitant to try Grounded shock

    If there are no trophies involved, then I tend not to care. I have no interest in doing Merciless difficulty in Persona 5, as I don't want it to make me like it less.
    Posted on 14 April 19 at 03:13
    Whatever this site recommends for getting all the trophies👍
    Posted on 14 April 19 at 07:24
    I personally like easy or normal. If I really enjoy the game and want more, I'll play the higher difficulty levels. I rarely played higher difficulty levels before trophies as I never really cared for a few more enemies with higher life bars.
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    Posted on 14 April 19 at 08:15
    I picked "Other" although technically The harder modes - I want to stack the trophies could apply to a certain extent.

    I usually like to do one run on easy first and get all the collectibles and miscellaneous trophies along the way. Then I'll look to do the highest difficulty that the trophies ask for, although occasionally I won't pick the very highest if it's going to probably be too hard or frustrating for me. Or something like no checkpoints on the highest difficulty or whatever, I usually won't bother attempting that. Depends on the game though, but that's usually my method for shooters.

    Race games I tend to play on easy as I don't really want to have to do the same races 20 times as those games are generally a large time sink as it is without making things unnecessarily longer.
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    Posted on 14 April 19 at 20:01, Edited on 14 April 19 at 20:09 by Mayadome
    It really depends on the game. If I intend to replay then I'll go normal and hard next time but otherwise usually I play on the harder difficulties. I like a challenge in a video game, especially when it forces you to use all the game mechanics. I have no interest in easy difficulties unless it makes a trophy easier. I would never play on easy for pure enjoyment as gaming's big appeal to me is the challenge.

    I'm completely against forcing developers to add an easy mode. Sekiro doesn't need an easy mode, nor does Dark Souls or any other game that doesn't have them. If a game is too hard or too easy just play something else. We're so spoiled for choice nowadays that it's not a problem to just skip a game and play another one. Of course I'm not against games having an easy mode but forcing developers to change their vision to appease a certain demographic of gamer feels wrong to me.
    Feel The Ether
    Posted on 15 April 19 at 04:30
    Really depends for me. I tend to lean towards "optimal" gaming experience but also depends on what I'm playing. Racing games I like a challenge but also at times want to just drive and not worry about anything so I'll go easy. Other games like CoD or BF I will play easy to enjoy the storyline and then depending on how much I enjoyed the game, I may go back and play harder difficulties to have more of a realistic challenge. I really enjoy the trophy list for KH3 though as I can play whatever difficulty I want and (unless I remember incorrectly) and get every trophy without having to force an overly difficulty play through on a genre I am not the best at.
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