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Bluepoint's Next Project Even More Ambitious Than Shadow of the Colossus Remake

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar47,573
  • Posted on 09 April 19 at 12:21Permalink
    Seems like one of the staff members that Bluepoint has is King Midas - everything that they've released lately has simply been gold.
  • NajinceilNajinceil500,482
    Posted on 09 April 19 at 14:34Permalink
  • YamatoMayCryYamatoMayCry101,108
    Posted on 09 April 19 at 20:21Permalink
    This is either Demon's Souls, or Metal Gear Solid.
    GT: FleetingJoy
  • Posted on 10 April 19 at 08:30Permalink
    I'd be up for Metal gear Solid remaster maybe even remakes of the original 2 games ie. Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, Parasite eve 1 and 2 would be nice to and of course a remake/remaster of the first Assassin's Creed would be good.
  • TVippyTVippy49,959
    Posted on 11 April 19 at 07:03Permalink
    Very old news and pretty much can't be Demon's Souls, since they call it a "reinvisioning".
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