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PlayStation Store's Big Spring Sale Kicks Off In Europe

  • Posted on 03 April 19 at 09:36
    Lots of games on sale here, yet nothing that jumps out at me. Looks like I won't be adding to the backlog this week. Hooray!
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • Posted on 03 April 19 at 09:56
    I'll probably pick up Space Pirate Trainer at that price, but otherwise I'm keeping my wallet away!
  • the_7th_Gthe_7th_G26,280
    Posted on 03 April 19 at 10:59
    Uh man i was hoping beat saber would be on sale
  • DuwenUKDuwenUK91,141
    Posted on 09 April 19 at 14:43
    I picked up Enter the Gungeon - my patience waiting for it to get a decent sale reduction paid off!
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