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The Walking Dead Final Season Synch Problems.

  • KHDelBoyKHDelBoy404,524
    Posted on 27 March 19 at 17:12Permalink
    This is based on the PS4 Physical Version (EU), and there are many reports that it wouldn't synch any trophies you earned from the game.

    I managed to pop all the trophies for the first three episodes, and I figure that they'll soon update the trophies server for this.

    But the problem is that TrueTrophies wouldn't synch any trophies outside of this game. I managed to get some from Horizon Zero Dawn, and they haven't been synched to this website, despite me earning them before starting TWD Final Season.

    Am I forever destined to have any future trophies from other games not being synched to this website I earned on the PS4 if they don't bother updating the trophies server for TWD.

    When I synch, it frozen on 0% on the PS4 but managed to go to 100% and synch the trophies for Horizon, and is shown on PSN Profiles, but nothing to show on this website?
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