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The Best PS4 Stealth Games Available in 2019

Posted on 19 March 19 at 16:56
Nine of the best stealth games available on the PS4

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Posted on 20 March 19 at 09:07
Stealth games are my favorite :)
Panache! - Reincarnation!
Posted on 20 March 19 at 20:13
If Arkham counts as stealth, then definitely Uncharted can also make the list, not to mention The Last Of Us, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider. Laugh if I say Payday 2 though.
Some survival horror games might also count, considering all the gameplay of Outlast, Slender, and so on.

For me it's Deus Ex for the depth of the game as a whole, being the closest thing to RPG steath with a shiny sci-fi sheen as icing on the cake. But without question I would put Hitman 2 as the champion of the genre in our age.
=Semper Fi=
Posted on 21 March 19 at 01:30
Both Dishonored games are fantastic. Deus Ex games are great too. I personally enjoyed Alien: Isolation but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.
Posted on 21 March 19 at 16:26

Invisible Inc.

That is all.
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