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PlayStation Now Available in Seven More Regions

Posted on 12 March 19 at 20:51
Sooner rather than later

Please click here to read the story: PlayStation Now Available in Seven More Regions
Posted on 13 March 19 at 14:26
I won't purchase a PSNow subscription until I can download PS2 and PS3 titles from there. Playing action games at below 30FPS despite a fast connection is ridiculous.
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Posted on 13 March 19 at 17:17
but you can download PS2 and PS4 games but not PS3. Because the PS3 is harder to reverse-engineer due to the CELL processor and its overall unique architecture it is why PS Now exists as it can only be streamed to a PS4. So if you are waiting you will be waiting for nothing since it won't happen.
Posted on 15 March 19 at 02:06
PS Now can be streamed to PS3, PS Vita, & PS4 but it was removed and now its only available to stream on PS4 until PS5/future devices :)
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