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The Best PS4 Third-Person Shooters Available in 2019

  • Posted on 07 March 19 at 18:40
    I would definitely put Warframe up there as well. It is quite a fun game especially with friends. There are tons of weapons and characters with different abilities and it constantly get updates with new content. If you don't mind some grind and F2P model (which honestly is not that bad here, just make sure you don't waste your platinum on stuff that you can craft anyways), then it might be a really fun game for you, especially with some friends
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  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed702,264
    Posted on 07 March 19 at 19:19
    Was kinda hoping this was a list of games to come out this year
  • Posted on 07 March 19 at 23:50
  • Posted on 08 March 19 at 01:31
    I've played some of these, have some still in the backlog, tried others and didn't like them, and some I've got no interest in. RDR2 is my fave though so far for sure. Well, aside from the online anyway...

    I do prefer FPS rather than TPS, but I'm looking forward to playing the remaining ones in my backlog still :)
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