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Information Posted on 05 March 19 at 04:45
shadow-moogles has just submitted some Trophy Flag Info for Honor and Duty: D-Day Trophies:

You can view the flags they submitted here: Flag submission by shadow-moogles for Honor and Duty: D-Day

shadow-moogles said:
im not too sure about gold rush, but the achievement requires that you find the enemies gold box(they are located in the same spot on each map) take a gold bar from the box and run back to your teams gold box and place it there.
also, vr compatible.
Posted on 16 April 19 at 16:42
Hello there, shadow-moogles. Thank you for your submission. We've applied these flags and we appreciate your help. toast

As for the collectable flag, I've taken it off. The whole point of that mode (So I assume) is to get the gold bars, so it's not a unique interaction/hidden object. Also, We'll tag this game as VR Compatible and whatever else it needs. Thanks! toast
Information Posted on 18 April 19 at 05:55
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