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The Best PS4 Management Simulation Games Available in 2019

Posted on 28 February 19 at 15:38
Best PS4 Simulation Games Available in 2019

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Posted on 28 February 19 at 17:29
City Simulation/Strategy is one of my favorite Genres. From Sim City to Civilization I'm actually surprised that Elite Dangerous is on this list. I guess i can see why it's added.

I play Elite Dangerous on PC because i can give my ship voice commands using VoiceAttack
the response is almost instant with a voice confirming my commands. and i can change UI color.

it's the little things.
Posted on 01 March 19 at 03:48
This is an outstanding genre to be featured, and I appreciate the article. I've played a few on this list and can confirm that Stardew Valley, Cities, and Aven Colony are all worth the price of admission. I had a copy of Jurassic Park in my hands, but decided against checking it out, but it seems I need to rethink that. And Farm Together sounds like a nice, relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle.
Posted on 01 March 19 at 04:34
This is definitely not a genre that I enjoy, but I know many of my TT friends have absolutely loved Stardew Valley. I just can't ever seem to get into these kinds of games though.
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Posted on 01 March 19 at 13:32
This is definitely the genre where I feel most in tune with what I'm playing: it's nice to see it featured! I love "Harvest Moon" style games and I think Stardew Valley is the cream of the crop for anyone looking for a HM experience.

A couple of times I've thought about getting Prison Architect, I think I'll grab it next time I see it on sale. Though the series wasn't featured, this article reminded me how much I'm looking forward to Tropico 6!
Posted on 01 March 19 at 18:54
I still can't get my head around Surviving Mars.
Jurassic World is fantastic though.
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Posted on 01 March 19 at 19:21
You missed Train Sim....
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Posted on 02 March 19 at 16:26
Tropico 4 or 5 surely must be on there!
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