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Apex Legends Won Me Over With A Ping

Posted on 06 February 19 at 16:30
At this point, Respawn is a studio deserving of plenty of trust

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Posted on 07 February 19 at 09:54
I’m reading a lot of good things about this game. Only a matter of time before my usual group of friends force me to play. I’m afraid I’ll enjoy it too much and neglect my backlog even further warning
Made you look :P
Posted on 05 March 19 at 07:09
@Emiinah welcome to the club... I ignored everything for three weeks, it became so addictive I had to delete it for a while to take care of my backlog... february i played 13 and only completed 4 for the whole month... for march I have played 5 games and finished 4 ... that goes to show my neglect.
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