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Platinum Trophy Guide Full Walkthrough

Posted on 09 January 19 at 19:14, Edited on 09 January 19 at 19:14 by rubhen925
The platinum trophy can be earned within 30-40 minutes if you follow this guide, and I show the optimal path to get through the game.

There are two endings to the game with associated trophies, but no worries, you can back up your save and reload to get the other ending instead of replaying the game over again to earn it.

I mention when trophies can be earned and what triggers them, while showing the associated footage. I will not be providing commentary for every single thing you pick up in the game as there are quite a lot of things you actually do pick up in the game. The game mostly involves you picking up things and reading stuff. But don’t worry if you follow this video the platinum is easily yours.

That's pretty much it, and hope it helps guys :)

*Note - The game was provided by Evgeniy of Sometime You. Thanks!!


1) Introduction to the Guide - 0:08
2) Cause of Death: Radiation Trophy - 1:20
3) Wonders of Technology Trophy (Story Related) - 7:13
4) Cause of Death: Suicide Trophy - 8:45
5) Cause of Death: Suffocation Trophy - 10:08
6) Archaeologist Trophy (Story Related) - 11:28
7) Two is Better than One Trophy (Story Related) - 16:44
8) There is a Signal! Trophy (Story Related) - 18:04
9) It Was Worth A Try & Cause of Death: Explosion Trophies - 18:16
10) Explorer Trophy (Story Related) - 19:24
11) Cause of Death: Acid Trophy - 20:30
12) Alchemist Trophy - 21:41
13) The right Ingredients to use for the story related Potion - 22:01
14) Cause of Death: Killed by a Monster Trophy - 22:54
15) Cause of Death: Drowning Trophy - 24:07
16) Make a Back Up Save on USB - 26:42
17) Let it Burn & You Managed to Survive Trophies - 26:54
18) Reload Save & Peaceful Outcome Trophy - 28:06
19) Planet RIX-13 Platinum Trophy - 29:17

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