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  • Posted on 02 January 19 at 17:22
    What's the difference between Resident Evil Code Veronica X on the PS4 and the PS3? Both can play on the PS4 correct?

    The Chronicles Collection will also play on the PS4? Sorry I'm new to PS4, haven't played it since PS2 days.

    Also, does the Resident Evil games stack on each system like they do for the 360/ One?
    J. Adam Gilman
  • Posted on 02 January 19 at 21:56
    Code Veronica X is the PS4 version, and Code Veronica X HD is the PS3 version. They are separate versions of the game, and both cannot be played on the PS4.

    The Chronicles HD Collection is also only available on PS3.

    The game stacks are, as always, dependent on the game in question, but if you do a quick search on the site you'll see if there's an associated stack for a game.
  • Posted on 02 January 19 at 22:03
    Thanks for the info. That really stinks about the Chronicles Collection. I haven't played them since my Wii days and was really looking forward to trying it out on the PS.

    Thanks for letting me know about Code Veronica. It is greatly appreciated.
    J. Adam Gilman
  • XonatronXonatron15,094
    Posted on 05 February 19 at 19:55
    Cosmic Star Heroine!
    Matthew Doucette, Xona Games
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