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MGSV Hidden Cutscene Nuclear Disarmament

Posted on 01 January 19 at 16:47
As of 12/28 3:47 every nuke in the world has been disarmed according to MGSV. This legendary cutscene is unlocked after all nukes of a certain server group have been disarmed:

I myself took a nuke away and processed it into biohazard, but it might nevertheless be the case that anyone who completes a story mission or returns to Mother Base these days, also will enjoy this video in the game.

If not, go steal a nuke. You will see a screen like this if you stole a nuke from a player:

Even if a player name appears at nuclear targets, there is no guarantee that he still has one. If he has, a nuke symbol has to appear on the upper right corner next to the platform number. The nuke can always be found on FOB 1 command platform, on the last deck next to the helipad. After stealing it you immediately have to dismantle it at the ressources menu before the guy you infiltrated can gather it back by retiliating you.

Well, according to Hideo Kojima there is now one threat less in the world - the gamer at the home console has the power over it, not some shady local pub actors who are called politicians for fun, while their politics are operated by far smarter heads in the background. If there has to be a put-on to consciousness, then as a large-scale persiflage - this at least always has been the ironic undertone of all MGS titles.

Kept you waiting, huh?
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