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Information Posted on 24 December 18 at 19:56
Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
Posted on 24 December 18 at 20:10
Personally, I believe this, along with every other Sly Cooper game in the series should be ALSO considered a platformer. If you apply the site's definition:
Platformers feature obstacle course like levels in which the player must navigate from the start to the end, with physics-enabled traversal between platforms or over obstacles. Platformers require the environment itself to be a primary antagonist. Accuracy-based jumping challenges and endless runners are two common examples of Platformer. In all cases, correct timing is necessary (either to avoid death or serious set-back) to advance.
THIS series in itself was the definition of the 3rd name brand platformer of the PS2 era...along with Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank...and was the next generation of the PlayStation Platformers. Puzzle solving, Stealth and navigating the level itself were the major challenges of the series and these ALL are requirements of a platformer game.
Posted on 28 December 18 at 15:40, Edited on 28 December 18 at 15:43 by AtsumaKarin
Hey there, PSXtreme_, thanks for your post requesting changes to the genres of this series.

I have now added Platformer to all the main series Sly games. toast

For future reference, be sure to click the "Add genre disagreement" button, found at the bottom by the post reply button, when you feel a genre needs changing, that way, we are able to spot it and discuss it much quicker. smile
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