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The TrueTrophies Game of the Year 2018

  • UlvenFenrirUlvenFenrir782,068
    Posted on 17 December 18 at 17:40
    To god of war and an obvious sequel at some point. Ill never forget this amazing game! smile
  • NajinceilNajinceil548,064
    Posted on 17 December 18 at 19:12
    Watch next years GOTY's be Spiderman 2 and God of War 2 laugh

    In all seriousness, they deserve it. This year has had some of the best gaming moments I've had in years. Such a good year for gaming.
  • Posted on 17 December 18 at 20:25
    What an amazing year for gaming. GoW and Spidey are deserving of praise. There’s been so much to play, I haven’t even got to Horizon yet.
  • AlexandyrZhoAlexandyrZho371,647
    Posted on 18 December 18 at 02:49
    Pfft, Castlevania Requiem had way better trophy names, so many it was hard to choose one. But bye felicia is pretty funny, so, grats.
  • strifekunstrifekun122,251
    Posted on 18 December 18 at 06:54
    God of War deserves it. Such a good game. Glad it was my first GoW. Spiderman was super good too. Good choices.
  • Posted on 18 December 18 at 14:59
    I'm curious as to where Celeste was ranked, that certainly topped my list :)
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  • Posted on 19 December 18 at 04:40
    It's interesting to see Red Dead 2 lost so many GOTY awards.
  • Posted on 19 December 18 at 05:19
    RDR2 is fun :)
    Panache! - Reincarnation!
  • jninja79jninja79447,110
    Posted on 26 December 18 at 02:48
    Surprised to see the god of war plat as people's proudest. It's not challenging in and way. I personally went with the plat for Shadow of the Colossus remastered for mine.
  • Posted on 26 December 18 at 23:43
    Surprised to see Spider-Man got more votes than RDR2 and that RDR2 only came in 3rd shock
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  • Posted on 28 December 18 at 23:34
    GTA Online should be here... No really, It should!
  • GreenMekonGreenMekon581,722
    Posted on 03 January 19 at 06:09
    Good choices for game of the year, totally agree with the best VR game.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 January 19 at 09:49
    I have recently purchased the new GoW so really looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. It looks beautiful and I've got a pro so will see it in its best possible state.

    I have RDR2 on the X1 and it's really really fun, so I'm surprised that anything beat this to GOTY. I wonder if it's because it came out so late in the year so most hadn't had time to digest it? or if GoW is just really really amazing.

    I can't wait to find out anyhow.
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