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A Massive Winter Sale Has Started on the North American PlayStation Store

  • TrueTrophyTrueTrophy11,385
  • Posted on 13 December 18 at 15:06
    A massive sale indeed! I was very happy to finally pick up both Little Dragon's Cafe and Moonlighter at great prices. :)
  • Posted on 13 December 18 at 15:12
    What a huge massive sale going on here. I am glad to pick up THE BUNKER & another FX3 Pinball table bundle
    Posted on 13 December 18 at 17:08
    Bruh, what about EU?
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  • KodingKoding221,071
    Posted on 13 December 18 at 17:55
    Picked up The Order: 1886 and LEGO Harry Potter Collection for 9 bucks total! I'm happy!!
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  • Posted on 13 December 18 at 21:47
  • TiawynTiawyn221,019
    Posted on 13 December 18 at 22:35
    wow, thats a long list!
  • Posted on 18 December 18 at 16:59
    Lego Harry Potter, Burnout Paradise and after a long wait I gave in and picked up GTA V. Figured since GTA III was the gateway video game for my brother so many years ago, maybe it will get the Miss in to gaming lol
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