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  • ValyriousValyrious251,218
    Posted on 16 April 14 at 16:11
    Oh come on. We need some sales too.
  • Posted on 16 April 14 at 16:32
    I believe you guys had a big sale about 6-8 weeks ago that was not available in EU wink
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  • Posted on 16 April 14 at 17:26
    Where are the NA sales? I'm so jelly!
  • Posted on 16 April 14 at 18:29
    Give na some sales give me a chance to save a bit more money lol
  • pellettiere4pellettiere4274,448
    Posted on 17 April 14 at 01:49
    Meanwhile we get Lego yyyyaaaayyyyyy
  • Posted on 17 April 14 at 20:20
    Just recently bought a copy of Resistance: Burning Skies from eBay.

    Sunflowers is not a bad little time waster though, and for 65c you can't go wrong :)
  • Posted on 18 April 14 at 19:29
    got the wolf among us season pass from playstation store in the uk ,and there are other games there too.

    also the easter sale is available in the uk too so so go to the playstation store and check what's in the sale.
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