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Amazon US Sale Includes $25 off Fallout 76, Two Weeks After Release

  • kintariskintaris99,978
  • StevenT475StevenT47555,905
    Posted on 26 November 18 at 15:33
    LOL, because it is a broken boring mess. No one wants it so of course it is going on sale early.
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed280,630
    Posted on 27 November 18 at 12:48
    Not surprised, not every single player world needs an multiplayer entry to the franchise.
    Fallout would have been better if it had Co-op elements to it
  • Posted on 27 November 18 at 17:13
    Hey Todd, will the red ink in this quarter's financials glow in the [deleted expletive] dark? laugh
  • EmiinahEmiinah165,610
    Posted on 28 November 18 at 11:36
    Damn, such a shame for Fallout 76. I would’ve purchased it day one had the reviews been at least somewhat positive. I genuinely hope they fix whatever issues players are unhappy with, if salvageable at this point.
    Made you look :P
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