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PlayStation Are Skipping E3 Next Year, Breaking a 24 Year Tradition

Posted on 16 November 18 at 10:42
Cue "E3 is dying" rumours... though they may have a point this time around...

Please click here to read the story: PlayStation Are Skipping E3 Next Year, Breaking a 24 Year Tradition
Posted on 16 November 18 at 11:41
Bombshell news for E3.

I for one am sad...that week is like having your Christmas and Birthday combined!
Posted on 16 November 18 at 13:48
I'm rather torn on this news.

On one hand, staying up to watch the Sony conference has always been a fun thing to do over the years, to get excited for what's to come in the future.

On the other hand, last year's show was a bit of a mess, and in truth, if Sony really isn't going to have many games, (be that brand new or already known), then showing up would be a bit of a waste of time and money, and would likely just give them more bad PR.

You have to think though that this is a big advantage to their rivals, who will no doubt try to pull out all the stops, and try to get more people to move over to their consoles, and attempt to make Sony regret their actions. We'll see I guess.
Posted on 16 November 18 at 14:36
Such things are cyclical. A few years a go, the pomp and circumstance was at an all time high. In the subsequent years, it died down.

Sony will speak when they need to and when they do, all will listen.
Posted on 16 November 18 at 19:10
Sounds like it could be the beginning of the end for E3
Posted on 17 November 18 at 19:20
This is not terribly surprising news, For the PS4, Sony still only really has its "big 4 titles:"

Days Gone
Ghosts Of Tsushima
The Last Of Us Part II
Death Stranding

The first two of those will likely be launched by the time E3 rolls around. It would be hard to center a show around the two remaining titles. I'm sure Sony has other titles it could announce, like a sequel to God Of War or Horizon: Zero Dawn, but there would be little point when such announcements would come yeaes ahead of expected release. Sony probably also wants to avoid talking about the PS5 at E3--the moment they start talking about it, they are likely to harm sales of the PS4. And when they do finally announce it, they will want it to be at their own event where they won't need to share floor space or news space with competitors.

I think it would be alarmist at this point to say this is a trend that Sony is abandoning E3. But 2019 is going to be a rather transitionary year for PlayStation. The Vita is officially being put to rest with the end of support for new physical titles, and at the moment, it seems like Sony is shooting for a release of the PS5 in early to mid 2020. They probably are not greenlighting any further AAA first party releases for the PS4 that are not also cross-gen for the PS5 at this point, and it would be better to announce said titles with the announcement of the PS5 to drive hype.

While this has sucked most of the air out of 2019's E3 for me as I am primarily a PlayStation gamer, I can understand the point of not wanting to throw a party and have nothing to serve your guests. This just means 2020 will be all the better.
Posted on 18 November 18 at 02:31, Edited on 18 November 18 at 02:32 by Valis200X
E3 is dead as far as I'm concerned. In recent years it's not been so much as a gaming conference as it is a shareholders' reassurance conference, and that's probably why all the big players are getting out - they'd rather host their own conferences in order to keep the focus on gaming.
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