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In Defence of the HD Remake

  • Posted on 14 April 14 at 20:41
    I like the idea of HD remakes so you can experience classic games like God of war, DMC and all the other games mentioned again but I think things like the last of us and tomb raider are far to new to get HD treatment.
  • Posted on 14 April 14 at 20:59, Edited on 14 April 14 at 21:02 by DayusMakhina
    Nice article.

    I'm kind of on the fence of remakes, Tomb Raider itself was obviously just intended to pad the bottom line, but there is a lack of quality games on the PS4 at the moment so it was worth getting and playing (which i'm still doing now). That doesn't change that i'd have preferred something new instead.

    The Last of Us is a different kettle of fish though, there will undoubtedly be a whole load of gamers who've jumped onto the PS4 who may not have played PS3 that did not get to experience it on the PS3, especially considering the numbers the PS4 sold. I'm betting that is a substantial figure of people wanting to be able to play it, such as myself. Had a PS3 and 360, PS3 broke and wasn't worth replacing and I subsequently missed out on playing The Last of Us. I won't be missing out on it on the PS4.

    Guess what i'm trying to say is remakes are fine as long as theres a market for it.
  • a44Speciala44Special169,892
    Posted on 19 April 14 at 05:46
    question for the community is a PS4 worth it right now? Does it have enough good exclusives out and coming out to justify the purchase. I currently have a PS3 and a Xbox One.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 July 14 at 05:50, Edited on 09 July 14 at 05:51 by
    I'm playing through Tomb Raider now (found the thread this way); I played it before on the 360 but I sold it and other games to be able to get my PS4. I love being able to play it again now I know a sequel will be released next year.

    As for The Last Of Us, I never had a PS3 so this remake will be the first chance for me to play it; and I definitely will play it.

    Some things are a bit too much, though, like Halo being remastered for the second time. And as much as I love getting a remastered version of GTA V, I'd prefer Rockstar concentrating on new titles instead of updating old ones.
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  • Posted on 11 September 14 at 04:59
    I believe there should always be a one console generation gap before a remake should even be talked about. Unless it's a game that was released early on in the 7th generation like how Bladestorm's being remade, that's acceptable. But games released in 2013 being remade already for the new consoles are just proof that the reason they took out backwards compatibility was so they could sell you the same games again that you just bought already with a bit more shine to it.
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  • Posted on 04 January 19 at 13:18
    lmao another re-release coming right up in 2020 on the ps5.. Three times the nostalgia in ten years yay.. This effing trend should have stopped right when it begun with god of war.
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