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Poll: If PUBG Comes To PlayStation 4 Next Month, Will You Play It?

  • NajinceilNajinceil563,599
    Posted on 11 November 18 at 15:37
    mysticmosh said:
    davem300490 said:
    I'd rather listen and watch Justin Bieber live than play Pubg or Fortnite.
    Exactly what I was thinking....I might join you after I finish putting stinging nettles down my pants. Both more enjoyable IMO!.laugh
    I can get us tickets.
  • Posted on 11 November 18 at 19:14
    Already made the mistake of starting it on Xbox laugh cry
    Definitely wasn't worth it!
  • DJbruce92DJbruce92209,474
    Posted on 14 November 18 at 05:24
    No but I own it on PC so I don't know why I'd buy it again.
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