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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Thread

  • Posted on 04 November 18 at 03:55Permalink
    Anyone interested in the new Smash Bros game? I am really excited about the Spirits mechanic. Even if you can't use Spirits for online play(which would make sense as everyone would equip the most OP spirits and the matches would always be decided by time because nobody could be knocked out sleep), I'd still love to collect them all just because they might be more interesting than the collectible trophies. I know everyone wanted trophies again but I never enjoyed farming for trophies as every iteration of the trophies took a lot of RNG to get.

    Also, the World of Light mode seems really fun for single-player content in my eyes. I pre-purchased the game to get the unlock of Pirahna Plant when it gets released, I want to try him out and see how he controls. :)
  • Posted on 02 December 18 at 23:44Permalink
    I'm definitely buying it at launch. And agreed, the spirits look like fun - bottomless, but hopefully not as guilty for not having many/good ones as previous collectibles.

    I'm still deciding on factors like physical/digital and deluxe/season pass/wait. Plus I would like to get online for myself and a friend so figuring out the best way to arrange that.
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    Posted on 03 December 18 at 08:49Permalink
    I've got it on preorder, but it's going to be a Christmas present. So no smash until Xmas. I'm excited for it, but a bit disappointed in the removal of trophies. I'm hoping it will have a good amount of unlockables and content to make up the removal.
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  • Posted on 31 January 19 at 10:36Permalink
    I need more heroes there - from other games or even cartoons. That would be great.
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