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Information Posted on 31 October 18 at 19:21
Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
Information Posted on 31 October 18 at 19:22
TheIcemanKnows has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
The official response elsewhere of Red Dead Redemption 2 comes under Action-Adventure.
Optionally, I included Open World too.
Posted on 15 November 18 at 14:34
Hey there TheIcemanKnows, thanks for registering your disagreement. Sorry it took a bit of time to get to.

The current policy is that games that are also on TA have to mirror one another. Currently, it as set as First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Open World on TA.

Whilst Action-Adventure is technically still correct, it is regarded by TGN as more of a general genre for games that don't really fit elsewhere, along with their 2 separate counterparts. (Action and Adventure)

As such, I have applied First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter and Open World genres to the game.

Thanks again. toast
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