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Massive Layoffs as Trion Worlds is Acquired By Gamigo

  • Posted on 25 October 18 at 15:52
    From Gamigo's post, it appears that Trove was sold in lieu of bankruptcy on Trion's part. Defiance is not mentioned anywhere, but I hope it gets the planned support for rolling out the rest of the game's features this Winter, including the new class and fixes for the broken trophies.
  • Posted on 26 October 18 at 01:07
    Maybe they might do a better job & actually fix the problems in defiance 2050 so most of it is playable again
  • Posted on 26 October 18 at 01:24
    I love Trove and Defiance/Defiance 2050, hopefully the other games come to PSN :)
    Panache! - Reincarnation!
  • Posted on 27 October 18 at 06:29
    Nothing says broken achievements will be fixed like laying off the vast majority of the staff after a buyout.
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