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Days Gone Delayed Until April; Concrete Genie Arriving in the Spring

  • kintariskintaris100,307
  • Posted on 19 October 18 at 09:31
    Good decision on Days Gone, give it time to cook a bit...of all the Sony exclusives, this one seems to have the most negativity around it.

    I'd forgotten about Concrete Genie...looks interesting!
  • extrasafeivyextrasafeivy660,556
    Posted on 20 October 18 at 07:13
    Was wondering which of the big 3, that is Days Gone, Anthem and Metro Exodus, that were announced for the 22nd February would buckle first. Really thought it would be Metro as I believe Anthem will win it but this shows Sony aren't 100% comfortable about Days Gone's competitiveness.
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