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PlayStation Sale Roundup for North America: October 9th, 2018

  • TrueTrophyTrueTrophy11,268
  • Posted on 09 October 18 at 16:50, Edited on 09 October 18 at 16:51 by TheOriginalKJer
    There are tons of games left off this list for some reason. Not the least of which is the fantastic inFamous expansion First Light. I suggest checking the PS Store for a much more accurate indication of all the great sales this week.
  • Posted on 09 October 18 at 17:37
    It appears we're having an issue in the system right now with our scans for the sales, where some aren't getting scanned. We actually use the same source you posted for our scans.

    Thanks for bringing it up. I've reported it to the development team to get sorted out.
  • Posted on 09 October 18 at 18:04
    No. Thank you. I love this site and your sister site TrueAchievements. Any sort of contribution by me or anyone to help make it better is outstanding. Keep up the hard work, guys and gals!
  • SoragoofSoragoof35,638
    Posted on 09 October 18 at 19:58
    Love the deals! Wish I wouldn't have bought the Uncharted collection just recently though!
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  • Posted on 10 October 18 at 00:04
    Never played the Jak and Daxter games before. Is the collection worth it for that price?
  • LeigrezLeigrez1,426,454
    Posted on 10 October 18 at 07:22
    @Pistol, depends, the 1st and 2nd feel like 2 totally different games, third was similar to 2 and X is different than all of em... I liked the first and 3rd one. Never played Jak X, heard it was meh. Loathed 2.

    Personally, I don't think a remaster was even necessary, or worth it, and I think it was extremely inferior to a ton of better PS2 exclusive games. But there's a ton of people that loved the series though.

    Worst case, you spend the money, don't like em. So you use debug mode and pop 3 platinums in like 10 minutes, and play through X or don't and just leave it.
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