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Drone challenges. Seriously...WTF?!

  • Posted on 01 October 18 at 00:48Permalink
    Hi all. "Get good" and all that, but I've run the drone challenge in the Financial district about 30 times now and always come up about 100 or 200 points short. I'm often killing the drone as it arrives at the blue circle.

    How is this sh!t scored? Anyone have the same issue and found a way to squeeze out the last few points?

    Making me hate this game.
  • Posted on 01 October 18 at 01:09Permalink
    Finally got it. Run 35-or-so wasn't appreciably different from the 15 before it.

    These are awful.
  • Skruff4Skruff491,503
    Posted on 10 January 19 at 13:11Permalink
    I'm late to the party here, but I wanted to say that you're not alone. However, my bigger issue was with the Gadget Challenges, where all the baddies had to be taken down without punching (if you wanted points) using a combo of two gadgets only. It drove me absolutely crazy, not only just trying to complete them, but to also get a spectacular or higher rating. The fact that Screwball repeated her dialogue with each attempt, too, made me hate the challenge that much more.

    I managed to do it after multiple attempts in each DLC chapter, but just barely. Here's hoping Screwball has a minimal presence in future DLC or the inevitable Spider-Man 2.
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