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Shadow of the Tomb Raider will Have "Seven Months of DLC", Co-Op Tombs

  • kintariskintaris99,978
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 11:33
    Splendid, cannot wait to playthrough them.
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  • mysticmoshmysticmosh728,428
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 15:30
    Please God, don't have co-op trophies!. Extra tombs should be good as long as we get a decent amount of content (£24.99 for a season pass of tombs and an outfit or two is steep), and how much use would extra skills be for those who have already finished the game?. If you're busy going backwards and forwards picking up missing collectables before the 'point of no return' like I did, you'll find that there are no enemies left to try these new skills and weapons out on (unless you like to sneak up on unaware llamas with grenades).
  • ItsKristaItsKrista412,779
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 17:40
    Co-op tombs!!!! God damn you!!!!!!!
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  • SinicalFoxSinicalFox42,344
    Posted on 27 September 18 at 05:43
    that's awesome
  • ManuBAD_iTManuBAD_iT20,659
    Posted on 28 September 18 at 20:32
    That's so cool smile
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  • Posted on 03 October 18 at 14:37
    I hope the DLC has trophies i bought the deluxe edition to get the season pass too, but i really hope there is some meat to this and not just trival in-game items that should be free
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