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Both Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Delisted

  • Posted on 27 July 18 at 11:03
    This was a missed opportunity by Activision. If they'd have announced the delisting in advance, they'd have benefited from some last-minute shoppers (with the games at full price, no less).

    I probably still would not have bought them because I have them on the 360, but I might have. We'll never know now.
  • Posted on 27 July 18 at 20:04
    Dammit, I wanted these. If they had given a warning I would have snapped them up before they vanished. Let's just hope they come back...
  • ShadeSplitShadeSplit617,505
    Posted on 28 July 18 at 04:01
    If I knew they were going to get delisted, I would have bought the first game during the last sale. I don't feel too bad though, since it didn't seem like they put much effort into the port, which is why I hadn't already bought it. They probably did me a favor.
  • extrasafeivyextrasafeivy676,397
    Posted on 28 July 18 at 04:16
    Platinumed the 2nd one on PS3, really enjoyed it but after buying it on PS4 it didn't really work for me. Sometimes it's best not to go back.
  • Romanus1Romanus1199,101
    Posted on 28 July 18 at 07:17
    So I have them both on digital if uninstall them will I be able to reinstall them later
  • Posted on 28 July 18 at 11:13
    I just bought these on sale last week, phew.
  • Posted on 13 August 20 at 18:12
    I'm necroing this to say BRING IT BACK!!
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