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New to HZD & PS4 Pro

Posted on 06 July 18 at 19:55
I just got my PS4 Pro yesterday and i had bought the HZD Complete Edition on tuesday. So i started my first play through and a question about the controls.

Every once in a while when i guess i learn something new it shows what seems to be a button that im supposed to be pressing. Im assuming it's the D-Pad cuz that is what they kind of look like but im not exactly sure what im supposed to do to actually use whatever I just learned or if im supposed to put something in that spot but how to?
Posted on 27 July 18 at 14:50
That sounds like the touch pad - which is the large rectangle on the face of the controller.
Posted on 08 March 19 at 08:55
what richUK said ;). I had the same problem when I just got my PS4 :')
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