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Poll: Which Game Has The Best Photo Mode?

  • kintariskintaris93,275
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 17:36Permalink
    PlayStation has some picture-perfect video games. Which is your favourite photo spot?

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    Poll: Which game has the best Photo Mode?
  • 12.1% - Assassin's Creed Origins
  • 2.8% - DOOM
  • 5.6% - God of War
  • 12.1% - Gran Turismo Sport
  • 23.4% - Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • 4.7% - inFAMOUS Second Son
  • 5.6% - Shadow of the Colossus
  • 6.5% - The Last of Us Remastered
  • 8.4% - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • 18.7% - Other

  • We had 107 responses to the poll.
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  • Posted on 29 June 18 at 19:59Permalink
    I'll take Onrush's photo mode for the win.
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91399,248
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 20:56Permalink
    Pokémon Snap.
  • NajinceilNajinceil498,608
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 21:14Permalink
    God of War could have been good... It didn't have unbound camera controls at all times, it would be restricted during interactive moments, qte's, so on so forth.

    I can understand the difficulty (though other games did it). But who doesn't want to take a picture of an execution kill on a troll, or a dragon? Instead, you're stuck with an angle that does no justice.
  • kintariskintaris93,275
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 21:23Permalink
    MonkeyBrad91 said:
    Pokémon Snap.
    Ok, we have a winner. Poll's over.
  • Ark51Ark5195,635
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 21:51Permalink
    Final Fantasy XV. Although, Doom is a close second. I still have full matches saved that I watch lol
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  • Slayer1189Slayer1189474,650
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 22:36Permalink
    MonkeyBrad91 said:
    Pokémon Snap.
    I prefer Sealife Safari to Pokemon Snap wink But yeah both good games 'photo mode' toast
  • xLilSheWolfxxLilSheWolfx353,517
    Posted on 30 June 18 at 13:11, Edited on 30 June 18 at 13:12 by xLilSheWolfxPermalink
    I loved the Photo Mode in Horizon Zero Dawn
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  • SoraastroSoraastro130,460
    Posted on 30 June 18 at 15:00Permalink
    I Dont use photo mode much, but my all time favorite is Mad Max's. I was able to create some nice looking pics with that with the amount of freedom it gives.
  • booshtasticbooshtastic310,722
    Posted on 30 June 18 at 16:03Permalink
    Horizon has an amazing photo mode
  • Posted on 30 June 18 at 19:57Permalink
    I'm surprised Project Cars 2 didn't make it on the poll, but GT Sport for sure has my vote!
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  • Salt_AUSalt_AU322,413
    Posted on 01 July 18 at 14:06Permalink
    GT Sport, easily.
  • Posted on 01 July 18 at 22:52, Edited on 01 July 18 at 22:53 by Prem-aka-PrincePermalink
    Wipeout HD had a 1080p photo mode with filters and free cam back in 2008, so I think by default it should win, but I voted for infamous because I remember, we even had a thread for sharing photo mode captures here on TT! Post your cool screenshots

    I also remember being enamoured by the spectacle of the views in Uncharted 4 and Final Fantasy XV (thanks for the reminder Ark51), which made for great captures when frozen both in and out of the action. But photo mode isn't as pivotal on PS4 as it was on PS3, most of the time I just use the capture button rather than putting a stop on everything and trying to fiddle with details that don't really matter.
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  • ShinKotakeShinKotake258,277
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 14:31Permalink
    MonkeyBrad91 said:
    Pokémon Snap.
    Agreed. That was my first thought too. Gotta catch em all......on camera!
  • Posted on 03 July 18 at 00:14Permalink
    I honestly never really use photo modes in games redface
    However I voted for GT Sport because I watched my partner take some really awesome scapes shots that he can now use as his PS4 theme :)
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  • FloraVixenFloraVixen109,201
    Posted on 04 July 18 at 01:09Permalink
    Infamous, hands down.

    Don't @ me
  • SplattadorSplattador39,220
    Posted on 20 September 18 at 01:32Permalink
    I'm very late to this poll forum, but I'm going with 'AC: Origins'. I pretended I was on vacation to ancient Egypt. Loved the photo mode.
  • Posted on 22 September 18 at 22:32Permalink
    Infamous Second Son, absolutely.
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