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Omega Labyrinth Z Western Release Cancelled

  • Posted on 27 June 18 at 22:43
    We just weren't ready to get young girls up to a Z cup in the states lol.

    Such an odd premise haha.
  • zVincitorezVincitore32,915
    Posted on 27 June 18 at 23:56
    Liberals want to take our videogames into politic.
  • CMDR-ZCMDR-Z619,002
    Posted on 28 June 18 at 00:11
    ban senran kagura next pls thanks
  • ShyGuyDYShyGuyDY51,225
    Posted on 28 June 18 at 04:56
    I guess the government is in charge of making sure we don't lewd the lolis now
    Posted on 28 June 18 at 18:47
    I've never been a fan of censorship. I continue to hope that videogames will receive the equality they deserve in this day and age. The only one losing here is Sony. The game will likely release on PC with everything intact and more and the game can easily be translated by fans if needed through alternative means.
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