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Poll: What Did You Think of PlayStation's E3?

  • Posted on 15 June 18 at 20:29
    Did you get hyped, or did it leave you cold?

    Please click here to read the story: Poll: What Did You Think of PlayStation's E3?
    Poll: How did you feel about PlayStation's E3 presence this year?
    • 6.1% - Amazing from start to finish!
    • 21.3% - Mostly great, but a few disappointments.
    • 25.6% - Average. The highs and the lows balanced out.
    • 25.0% - Mostly disappointing, with a few moments of greatness.
    • 9.1% - Just poor. I'm upset about it.
    • 9.8% - I STILL don't care about E3. Stop asking about it!
    • 3.0% - Other, more complicated emotions (please explain in the comments!)

    We had 164 responses to the poll.
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  • ShinKotakeShinKotake673,005
    Posted on 15 June 18 at 20:45
    I would say about average. A few titles stand out to me, and there was a few unexpected announcements, but there was also a lot of titles that simply didn't do enough to separate themselves from the crowd.
  • Posted on 15 June 18 at 21:38
    It was nice and simple, I liked it.

    Microsofts was huge and flashy, made it worth the time you spent watching, but Sonys was simple and tidy. Though, I am extremely excited for every upcoming Sony exclusive/game as a whole.

    Ghosts of Tsushima YESSSSS
  • Posted on 15 June 18 at 21:53
    Not seen any E3 stuff yet
  • minpinz23186minpinz23186134,312
    Posted on 15 June 18 at 23:01
    That break in the middle was excruciating, and not friendly to those at home. It definitely satisfied my curiosity about Ghost of Tsushima, and Spidey looks awesome. Other than that, the KH3 trailer was neat, but nothing else stood out for me. Most of the other conferences were more interesting, I thought.
  • Posted on 16 June 18 at 01:43, Edited on 16 June 18 at 01:45 by A_Tennis_Giraffe
    I voted "Other, more complicated emotions".

    WHERE THE HELL IS MY MINI N64 NINTENDO??? warningangry cry

    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • AlexandyrZhoAlexandyrZho816,259
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 02:40
    My only true take away was, "Yes, finally, I can play a Remedy game and not have to dust off my Xbox to do so!".

    Loved the "big 4" trailers, no matter what the haters say about it being a 'disappointment'. Sad no real dates on any of them (Except spiderman, obviously)
  • supkrissupkris441,998
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 03:43
    You don't need E3 to showcase the trailers of already announced games. Ghosts of Thusima was great and that's about it. Last of us 2 is hyped for no reason and spider man didn't interest me from the beginning. They are mimicking Arkham and nothing new about it. Death stranding is still confusing. E3 is to give you the future plans and there is nothing revealed. Not even the release dates of these big games. Overall disappointed. This year E3 belongs to MS and Bethesda. They talked about future. They have a vision.
  • davem300490davem300490474,633
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 09:45
    sleep Bored of hearing about it now. Seriously.
    Walkthrough Assistant Manager. General all round nice guy
  • Posted on 16 June 18 at 11:08
    A_Tennis_Giraffe said:
    I voted "Other, more complicated emotions".

    WHERE THE HELL IS MY MINI N64 NINTENDO??? warningangry cry

    Im slamming my fists down man!!!!!
    AND in Gods name when are you going to do the decent thing and let us know about Crash Team Racing!!!!!
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Thud!!! Thud!!!! Thud!!!! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!
  • MayadomeMayadome528,196
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 13:20
    The games they showed looked great and there were some very nice surprises (RE2 and Nioh 2) but I felt the conference itself was good in theory but poorly executed. The wait between TLoU2 and Ghosts of Tsushima with that "post-conference" talk was extremely boring and killed the momentum and excitement. Also didn't care much for the banjo and flute performances which again really slowed the conference down. Overall I'd give it an 8/10 for games and 2/10 for presentation.
    Feel The Ether
  • EinigkeitEinigkeit263,218
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 13:41
    The conference was weird. Not sure why they needed to have a separate location for The Last of Us II. The games were fine but nothing unexpected, apart from Nioh 2. I think MS had the best conference; it established that they are indeed playing the long game, while Sony's was business as usual and Nintendo spent most of their "conference" telling us about Smash and disappointing all of us with the release date for it. roll
  • TTDog666TTDog666203,142
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 15:47
    The games looked great... but there weren't many of them and the constant stop start was annoying... a huge delay after showing TLoU2 was awful after such a strong start.
  • DragonBlazedDragonBlazed119,272
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 16:16
    The games were jaw dropping.

    The Conference itself: No comment.
    Game On!!!
  • Posted on 17 June 18 at 14:01
    Just watched sony and spiderman looks great
  • Posted on 17 June 18 at 14:26
    On the one hand Ghost of Tsushima appears to be just more Assassin's Creed mechanics in Eastern clothing. On the other hand Spiderman's webslinging fast traversal looks like it will be a joy to play.

    On the side TLoU2's presentation showed off some improvements like a new ability to go prone and crawl under things, along with more impactful combat which appears to include the ability to dodge.
    "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
  • MarktownMarktown149,412
    Posted on 17 June 18 at 18:18
    And here i was thinking they would FINALLY let us change our gamertag. /sigh...
  • Posted on 21 June 18 at 23:09
    Still no update about gamertag changes.. little to no content that actually affects gamers. I love hearing about new games and all that but when they come out 2 years later I really can't justify the hype. I guess I'm more hardware centered than software.
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