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Ranking The Top Five Call of Duty Campaigns

  • Posted on 28 April 18 at 05:00Permalink
    CoD4 for me. No other Call of Duty will ever come close to capturing the magic.
  • ScottishNubScottishNub851,790
    Posted on 28 April 18 at 05:34Permalink
    5. black ops 4. modern warfare 2 3. cod 4 2. world at war 1. modern warfare 3
  • Posted on 28 April 18 at 08:52Permalink
    1. COD4
    2. COD2
    3. Black Ops
    4. Advanced Warfare
    5. Tied between COD3 & Modern Warfare 2

    However I'm still yet to play the campaign of WAW, BLOPS 2&3, and WWII. WWII might well be in my top 5 though I predict.
    I'd imagine that BLOPS 3 will be my least favourite though from what I've seen of it...
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • Posted on 28 April 18 at 09:16Permalink
    1. COD 4
    2. Black Ops 2
    3. Advanced Warfare
    4. Black Ops
    5. Modern Warfare 2.
    Balls................ Funder....Balls.
  • NajinceilNajinceil528,260
    Posted on 28 April 18 at 11:43Permalink
    In terms of immersive and amazing, the older CoDs are amazing.

    Buuuut in all honesty, infinite warfare was actually a ton of fun. It felt like a brand new game and I loved it. Most CoDs feel the same to a painful extent, but Infinite Warfare was just.. Entertaining.
  • ShinKotakeShinKotake292,469
    Posted on 28 April 18 at 13:57, Edited on 28 April 18 at 13:58 by ShinKotakePermalink
    4.World at War
    5.Modern Warfare 2
  • Posted on 28 April 18 at 18:05Permalink ops
    2.Advanced Warfare
    3.ghost(extinction fuckin rocks!!!!) ops 3

    I would love to see extinction come back again in the futur!
  • Posted on 29 April 18 at 16:01Permalink
    For me it's the following:

    1. COD4-Modern Warfare
    2. Modern Warfare 2
    3. COD-Black Ops
    4. COD-Advance Warefare
    5. COD-Ghosts

    I have yet to play Infinite Warefare and the latest WWII
  • Helmaroc_Helmaroc_131,140
    Posted on 30 April 18 at 03:24Permalink
    1. Black Ops
    2. Black Ops II
    3. Advanced Warfare
    4. Infinite Warfare
    5. Modern Warfare 2

    That would be my list
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