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Poll: Which Upcoming PlayStation Exclusive Are You Most Excited For?

  • WachistwoWachistwo204,456
    Posted on 08 April 18 at 00:44Permalink
    Wasn't even aware of a MediEvil remaster - really excited for that now. Yakuza 6 is the one I am most hyped for tho.

    Only one I can think of that wasn't on the list is Spyro.
  • UlvenFenrirUlvenFenrir748,882
    Posted on 08 April 18 at 11:17Permalink
    There are several on the list im looking forward to but for now its god of war. Im so hyped im counting the days down.

    I have a good feeling about the game and watching cory barlog talk about the game is just icing on the top.
  • AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin1,000,391
    Posted on 08 April 18 at 12:16Permalink
    I'm almost tempted to change my vote, feel so sorry for Dreams. cry

    I voted GoW, anyway. :P
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  • snakebacon97snakebacon97285,749
    Posted on 09 April 18 at 01:21, Edited on 09 April 18 at 01:23 by snakebacon97Permalink
    I've voted for Yakuza 6, though let's also not forget that Yakuza Kiwami 2 is coming in August, and looks to be even better. Seriously hoping Hokuto ga Gotoku gets translated.

    TLoU2 is sure to be great, but let's not hype it to death while we wait until late 2019 for it. This is the first I've heard of Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone or a new MediEvil (Wow!)
    As for non-exclusives, I'm looking forward to Ace Combat 7, SoulCalibur VI and the Spyro remake.

    Edit: oh, poor Dreams, the trailer from a few years back looked very interesting, I guess it's just been too long without seeing much, and too many other games announced since.
  • Posted on 11 April 18 at 07:44Permalink
    Days Gone
  • PS_ProbPS_Prob359,937
    Posted on 16 April 18 at 18:24Permalink
    Detroit: Become Human.

    Can't wait for it to finally come out.
  • ShinKotakeShinKotake256,354
    Posted on 16 April 18 at 19:44Permalink
    Death Stranding, but MediEvil comes in as a close second. Loved that game on the PS1.
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