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Custom servers for games with discontinued multplayer trophies - cheating?

Posted on 09 February 18 at 00:43, Edited on 09 February 18 at 00:43 by NeM2k2
I have been doing some digging into creating a custom server for a game whose official game servers were shutdown, rendering a bunch of trophies as unobtainable. The goal is to create a minimum viable solution to allow the online to work (probably only for private, solo matches - matchmaking might not be available) so that obtaining the trophies would be possible again. If there was enough demand, I could look at running it in a public space for a limited amount of time, or release the source code to run the server on their own PC, to help people get those trophies.

Gameplay-wise, you would still have to put the same amount of effort into unlocking the trophies as you would if the official servers were still up - the goal is to allow them to be unlocked legitimately, not just award them for free. If made publicly available, it would not bar anyone who wanted the trophies from earning them.

Would this be considered cheating by this site? I could see it falling under these cheating definitions:

* Knowingly using a hacked lobby to unlock trophies
* Using any software or patches not released by the game developer and certified by Sony
Posted on 09 February 18 at 02:22
I'm not the Investigations Manager, so I can't definitively give you a stance on this, but from previous experience with Halo 3 on TrueAchievements I believe this falls into using external tools in order to unlock the trophies, and therefore against the policy unfortunately.
Posted on 09 February 18 at 03:12
Do you have a link regarding the Halo 3 & external tools on TA? I haven't heard of what happened there.
Posted on 09 February 18 at 04:06
The issue with this would be identifying those who actually used these 'custom servers' to boost legitimately and those who have unlocked them illegitimately. It would likely result in a loss of tracking privileges here on True Trophies as the Investigations team would see trophies earned after an official server closure and would have to assume they cheated.

Another thing to consider, Sony might take issue with this and place a ban on said accounts using these 'custom servers'. It's really not worth risking an account to earn a handful of trophies using this method.
TT Administrator and Moderator -
Posted on 11 February 18 at 12:22
Getting the custom server is turning out much easier than I thought, though somewhat time-consuming, having to reverse-engineer a bunch of stuff.

The custom server doesn't talk to Sony at all (the game client is the only thing that does) so a Sony ban seems extremely unlikely.

If/when I get it working, I'll try unlocking a couple of the Unobtainables on a dummy account and see what the Investigations team has to say. I could take photos/screenshots/video to prove that the trophies were not unlocked illegitimately, and that it would be possible for anyone to do so by simply changing your PS3's DNS server in the network settings to one that will direct your PS3 to the custom server for this game.

It'd be kinda sad if restoring online access and content (this particular game lost a very fun game mode thanks to the shutdown) to a game resulted in action against the profiles on belonging to people that chose to go back and play this game, either to earn trophies, or to just play for fun.
Posted on 13 February 18 at 07:40, Edited on 13 February 18 at 07:46 by NeM2k2
For anyone who is interested - the game is Bulletstorm for PS3. The source code and (still incomplete) instructions can be found here:
Posted on 03 March 19 at 15:48
Hello everyone,
I was informed that no one responded back on this thread about this issue previously. After lengthy discussions about Gonespy with NeM2K, usage of Gonespy for supported games will be allowed, as it does not manipulate the game in any way except for restoring the Gamespy bridge service.

This does not mean that any portions of this game can be cheated cart-blanche, as the trophies must still be earned legitimately via gameplay, and this decision can change in the future.

Thank you.
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