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Next game to play

Posted on 12 January 18 at 16:43
Which PS4 game should I play next. Never started any of them, but I have played the Uncharted series up to this game.
Horizon Zero Dawn
Uncharted:The Lost Legacy
Last Of Us Remastered
I know Last Of Us is older,but time is limited and I just couldn't get to it before now.
Be nice.
Posted on 13 January 18 at 01:44
Uncharted:The Lost Legacy
TT Administrator and Moderator -
Posted on 13 January 18 at 09:58
We're not the kind of board that would berate you for not playing a game that's only a few years old! If we're honest, we're all guilty.
I would say TLoU is the best game on the list, but it's slow paced and emotional
Uncharted: The Lost Spinoff is the shortest game by far, but I'm sure it's an adventure
Horizon on the other hand may be the longest, and it will be action packed with more RPG elements
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