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    Posted on 10 January 18 at 06:59, Edited on 05 January 22 at 23:06 by IronInvoker47
    Please use this thread to discuss the Tales of Symphonia walkthrough
  • zr122zr12221,198
    Posted on 15 February 18 at 02:56
    I earned the first of three story Trophies last night. The Monster List is approximately 33% complete, and the Collector's List is approximately 37%. No title Trophies yet, but several characters are close to 10 titles for their first Trophy.

    Progress is progressing smoothly.
  • zr122zr12221,198
    Posted on 08 January 19 at 04:13
    So I got very distracted by my Xbox, but I'm back working on this regularly!
  • zr122zr12221,198
    Posted on 03 March 19 at 21:34
    Just earned the second of three story Trophies. The Monster list is up to 66%, and the Collector's Book is up to 73%. Lloyd, Colette, Genis, and Raine all have their first title Trophies. We are officially in "Disc 2" territory.
  • zr122zr12221,198
    Posted on 28 March 19 at 04:18
    The clock on my first playthrough is at 83:36, but a decent chunk of that is the game running while I type. It looks like I'll pass 100 hours and get that Trophy well before the end of the first playthrough. Zelos, Presea, and Regal all have 9 Titles, while Sheena has 8.
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