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  • TrueTrophyTrueTrophy11,266
  • DarkSolerideDarkSoleride491,654
    Posted on 09 January 18 at 16:21
    300 ranked matches and the A++ trophies look absolutely awful to get
  • ShiinGlacierShiinGlacier140,945
    Posted on 09 January 18 at 16:33
    80% of the trophies are focused on ranked multiplayer. I was interested before, but now I'll pass, thanks.
  • Am4z1n9_AZAm4z1n9_AZ1,035,939
    Posted on 09 January 18 at 18:27
    Was gonna get this game but I might pass now, what an awful list!
    Thee Amazing 1
  • SHINE_GET_64SHINE_GET_64926,479
    Posted on 09 January 18 at 18:27
    I think I want to vomit
    Ace of Games
  • xLilSheWolfxxLilSheWolfx460,158
    Posted on 09 January 18 at 19:48
    The fact most of it is based around ranked multiplayer is the reason why I'm avoiding this like it is plague ridden.
  • zidane6915zidane6915383,003
    Posted on 10 January 18 at 02:12
    we are on TT are we not lol cant we meet up and boost haha
  • MulticronMulticron198,364
    Posted on 10 January 18 at 03:11
    Between this horrific trophy list and the three separate steelbook thing, I think I'm going to pass as well.
  • Posted on 10 January 18 at 11:40
    Some people can't handle a challenge apparently haha. Can't wait for this
  • Am4z1n9_AZAm4z1n9_AZ1,035,939
    Posted on 10 January 18 at 20:27
    Playing 300 ranked matches is a challenge LMAO! Okay... Difficult no, time consuming yes! It's the fact the trophies are mainly multi-player that pretty much is a big indication that the story mode will likely to be short and the game is lacks content.

    I'm passing on it for now probably buy it in a year when it's £15 and the multi-player has died down.
    Thee Amazing 1
  • TirisiaTirisia1,464,394
    Posted on 11 January 18 at 01:12
    Its Win not Play. Even boosting will be time consuming as im sure your boosting partners will also want wins themselves too. Even at 1 min a game at 600 games between 2 teams thats stll around 10 hours of grinding that just doesnt sound fun.
  • Am4z1n9_AZAm4z1n9_AZ1,035,939
    Posted on 12 January 18 at 15:03, Edited on 15 January 18 at 03:15 by GAMERJET
    Mod Edit: Removed unnecessary content

    Duh! I meant boosting, you think no one has heard of boosting in the 10 plus years online achievements/trophies have been around... No difficulty in letting someone win the match hence it's not challenge.
    Thee Amazing 1
  • TwoBits54TwoBits54120,494
    Posted on 13 January 18 at 02:21
    Why are people complaining?
    Just go for the 3 A++ wins for each character. It won't be repetitive.
    You get to try out each character, maybe even get good with each one, and you get a minimum of 84/300 wins. Not too many more needed.
    It sounds like people only play for the trophies, buy a game, get them all ASAP, then never touch the game. Just take the time and enjoy it.
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