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PS3 in 2018..

Posted on 28 December 17 at 12:11
As the title suggests is it worth getting a PS3 in 2018, and if the PS3 servers will be shut off anytime soon.

As I've got an Xbox 360/One I enjoy achievements I would like to start collecting trophies.
Posted on 28 December 17 at 21:16
PS3 is still going strong although individual game servers are being shut off every once in a while. The Killzone 2 and 3 servers are being shut off in March along with a few other games.

I would definitely still recommend getting a PS3, a good amount of games are still last gen only.
Posted on 28 December 17 at 23:16
I still have my launch PS3 and I would definitely recommend that you get yourself this awesome console. However, do not overpay for it. It is dated a bit and slowly but surely it is being phased out. If you are not a completionist I highly recommend getting the Resistance series. Fun games (co-op campaign!) with a great story.

Beyond Two Souls is one of my all time favorites as well!
Posted on 12 February 18 at 01:32
I would recommend Last of Us and Uncharted Series to jump into. Servers are running still, but if you are a completionist it is time consuming. I would still highly recommend it based on the incredible stories though. Also Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter Series are quite fun and great.
Posted on 11 March 18 at 18:54
The PS3 is one of the greatest consoles in my opinion. The menu is slick, the games are fun and it's light years quieter than the Xbox. You can snag a console for cheap and the games for cheap as well. Highly recommended.
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Posted on 13 March 18 at 01:14
I was exclusively a 360 gamer until the PS4 got announced and I eventually decided to grab myself a PS3 purely for the PS exclusives which I don't regret at all. There are many fantastic games available for very reasonable prices now, so I would say it's definitely worth it if any of the exclusives interest you.

I don't know what genres you're into but some that I can recommend would be:
Gran Turismo series
Killzone series
Resistance series
LittleBigPlanet series
Motorstorm series
ModNation Racers
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
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