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Quick Add Playstation Plus Games to My Game Collection

Posted on 06 December 17 at 02:54
Hi there!

I just discovered the My Game Collection function and I think it's a super powerful feature of this site that's not given enough credit. I recently went through and added all my games and DLCs from a dedicated backlog site to this one because I appreciate the trophy-oriented approach this site takes.

My suggestion is to add an 'Add All' option on each month's plus games so I can quick add them to my game collection. It would only add the games I haven't already added or started. It would either auto-populate the ownership to 'PlayStation Plus', or brings us to a page so we can set this ourselves (I personally don't label my bought games and plus games separately in the collection.)

If a concern is for people that don't download the games each month, the add all button can bring them to a page where they can quickly check which games to add or not. Either way, I think this would make the ease of use of the game collection better while highlighting this cool feature.
Posted on 06 December 17 at 07:22, Edited on 06 December 17 at 07:24 by Prem-aka-Prince
Absolutely agree, I've been wanting this for years. If there are (at least) 6 games a month on this site and 4 on xbox, that's 120 games a year that thousands of us would have to go and add manually. A quick way to do it would save hundreds of hours wasted. In the end I just gave up on MGC because of the plus games alone, not to mention the games with gold.

Ideally you should be able to add anything backdated to whichever month, but add the current month at a bare minimum. And ownership status PlayStation Plus if you don't already have it in your MGC should be included as that's what it's there for; part of the problem wasn't just having to go search for each page and add, but also following up and going to MGC and re-finding it (since there is no way to sort by new or filter for no-ownership) and apply the basic status settings to each and every one. Try doing that three hundred times for nothing

Note to Self: I need to give you an upvote on this thread, but I've run out. I need to go scrap something else that hasn't moved
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Posted on 06 December 17 at 10:24
Upvote from me, great idea. clap
Posted on 07 December 17 at 21:48
As I was looking for a place to take the vote and give to you, I noticed I already wrote about this problem two years ago, and nothing came of it, so not going to bother moving my votes around; all 15 of them are dead
Playstation Plus - add to My Game Collection
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