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Playstation Plus Titles for December 2017

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar100,600
  • Posted on 30 November 17 at 21:09
    While there's nothing here I've actually been wanting, I'll be sure to look into the 2 Vita titles as they may turn out to be ok. I thought December might have been a stronger line-up than this to be honest. Oh well, I'll look forward to seeing what January brings now instead!
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin1,292,157
    Posted on 01 December 17 at 01:49
    Yeah, I'm with you, ATG. Honestly, this is the most disappointed I've ever been with a line-up, literally nothing that really interests me that much. Syberia is the closest to that for sure and I already own forma.8.

    Still, the sales have been quite good, got a few in the last one! smile
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  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 04:15
    Hype as hell for Monster Hunter; definitely getting in on the beta, though I'm buying the game on Xbox.
  • strifekunstrifekun163,105
    Posted on 01 December 17 at 04:35
    The Syberia games!! And xBlaze!!

    But Kung-Fu Panda? I guess people with kids might find this appealing? Maybe.
  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 04:37
    Way to end the year, Sony....
  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 05:41
    I have always wanted to play KUNG FU PANDA, so it's a win for me with that game. I will also check out DARKSIDERS II
  • ScottishNubScottishNub1,878,953
    Posted on 01 December 17 at 07:31
    I've put trophy flags up for (Kung Fu Panda) (Syberia) (Syberia 2) and (forma.8)
  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 07:46
    Only got a PlayStation about a week ago, kinda disappointed with these games but I'll take what I can get I guess.
  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 09:33
    Already got the platinum for darksiders 2, free ratio inbound
  • ArmyVaultArmyVault279,074
    Posted on 02 December 17 at 02:57
    Nothing for me as usual. Not even interested in the slightest.
  • TheScott75TheScott75438,205
    Posted on 02 December 17 at 09:06
    Darksiders II is good, since I p[layed through the first one on Ps3 last year (It was a plus title way back when).
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