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Latest Call of Duty WWII Patch Improves HQ and Multiplayer

  • WillC1008WillC10083,142
  • Posted on 30 November 17 at 17:26Permalink
    Now they need to patch the accumulation for bayonet charge kills. I have well over 100 bayonet kills but it only shows 14/25 under the infantry division challenge. Please fix this and the delay time between accumulating kills for daily challenges too. Numerous times I've had done a challenge but not gotten credit for it until a couple minutes later.
  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 06:18Permalink
    Been playing this a fair bit of late but once I prestige then I'll probably never play the multiplayer again. Not because it isn't any good, just because I'm not a multiplayer gamer. It has been pretty fun overall though, and I haven't run into too many issues aside from not being able to connect on occasions. Good to see they're working on improving the experience for those who play regularly though.
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
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