Game Discussion: Ridge Racer Driftopia

Game dissapeared on store

  • Posted on 04 January 14 at 13:36
    Whenthe game released i tried to download it and it said cannot download at this time. Then the next day it was gone from the store this is eu btw and now it hasnt been on there since anyone know why?
  • Posted on 05 January 14 at 01:28
    Had a quick look and apparently this has happened before back in November, so it looks like it either did really badly, (even though it was free), or some sort of contractual thing, like has been happening a lot lately, has made it been took down.

    Judging from what I see, wouldn't get my hopes up of seeing it come back I'm afraid.
  • PuRe_PretzelPuRe_Pretzel117,461
    Posted on 05 January 14 at 05:01
    crap i missed out on a free game
    Xbox PuRe Pretzel
  • Posted on 05 January 14 at 09:59, Edited on 05 January 14 at 10:00 by TheTimeHasCome6
    ok thankyou for that info fuck lol i must of missed it by seconds.
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