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Cities: Skylines trophies are now on the site

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    Cities: Skylines Trophies has 37 Trophies worth 1,230 Trophy XP. There are 22 bronze trophies, 9 silver trophies, 5 gold trophies and 1 platinum trophy.
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    Being a big fan of Sim Cities. This is a welcoming edition to that type of gaming. I think a lot of fans of Sim Cities will enjoy this title. Of course there will be a few that with call it a knock off. Haters perhaps? Any how i started playing it and it well polish just for a $40 (US) dollar game. To start off it kinda take me back a little to Sim Cities 4. You had to slowly progress with a little town then grow it carefully or you be tanking in the finances real quick. Over all i say its a solid 8 or 9 out 10 myself. :D
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    Just on some tips to get started that works for me to build a big city.
    1. Start off super slow. Dont just go buy all the services the people are wanting right away. Make sure you build a small little town and kick back a bit to get some cash build up.
    2. I build my city with all dirt roads to help save money and it's cheaper. And they dont complain.
    3. Keep industrial , garbage and sewers away for the main town. My experience if that their to close and the next you know everyone is sick and dying off like the black plague.
    4. When you go a small town going and time for services. Lower the funding from 100% so your not wasting money in certain services. Then after awhile raise it up a little as you have a more populated town.
    5. Parks are your be friend. They make em happy and raised property value and means more money from taxes.
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    6. Save continuously and many files. Dont save just over one file. So if you mess up or your town tanks then you can go back when your town was going good and start from there.
    Hope this helps some gamers. :D
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