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[SOLVED] Giving items for favors doesn't always work

Posted on 11 August 17 at 15:53, Edited on 11 August 17 at 17:04 by DadmondMiles
Okay this is pissing me off. About 80% of the time that I'm doing a "give this item to this person" favor, I have the item on me and I go to whoever it is and press cn_X but it doesn't bring up the interface to give them stuff. It just makes the other person do a brief speech bubble like "not right now man" or something. What's the magic secret to getting people to let you give them the damn item they asked for??

Edit: Okay, figured it out. cn_X will only bring up the other character's interface if they are currently selling items. Otherwise you have to press cn_T to bring their stats and then tab over to Give. rock
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